Juan Etchegaray

Juan is a guy who ended up at Brother right after graduating with an Economy degree to find out “what this advertising was all about” and he stayed, both in Advertising and in Brother. For every idea that comes out of his mind, he loses a hair. That’s why he lost so much hair in DDB, more in DON and today he continues losing his hair in McCann. He’s in charge of Brother’s social networks as well as the monthly workshops referred to as Brother Plus. Juan also leads the first course on Digital Advertising offered at Brother along with Pablo Guirado Marin (Y&R) and Santi Torres (Ponce) held on Saturdays. He’s a film addict and has hundreds of hour’s worth of documentaries, soap operas and small-town TV programs, bizarre ones. Among other things, he is responsible for a viral video that has made it around the world once or twice.