That’s right, a school of ideas rather than an advertising school, because ideas come long before advertising and before anything else.

Advertising is limited for it is just a form of expressing an idea. So is film, music, ethnic dance and art in general. Instead, an idea es unlimited, timeless, as we know where it began (on a notebook, for example) but ignore where it may end.

Good ideas will solve the energy problem, can help you find your lost cat and are responsible for better advertising and the world itself.

We seek to inspire and motivate so that everyone can find these ideas we have within ourselves. We intent to do this by talking, experimenting, assaying, being delirious and working.

Indeed. Working hard, as it is the only way to bring to life these marvelous ideas.

This is what we are here for. Not only to help you work in an advertising agency, but to help you get wherever you want to be.

We have the best staff willing to teach you everything they know so that if you love advertising, you can get a job in an agency and if don’t, you’ll avoid making the mistake of entering one.

We are a school of ideas and you are the result of what you do.

Brother is known as the most awarded Creative School in Latin America and our acknowledgements include: gold medal in Young Lions at Cannes 2013, gold in Young Talents’ Sol at Bilbao 2013, best Argentinian creative institution of 2011, 2012 and 2013 awarded by the Argentinian Creatives Circle and awards in FIAP festival, Ojo de Iberoamerica, seven ‘ARS of Madrid, Drac D’or in Drac Novell in Barcelona, school of the year 2009/2010 in Adaspirant.com_España, gold in El Volcán de Costa Rica, El Dorado de Colombia and Cóndor gold award in Ecuador.

The annual course is Brother’s flagship course and has been developing for over ten years, delivering more than 600 students to the advertising labour market and into some of the greatest agencies and design studios around the world.

Lasting 10 months (march-december), it is directed creatively by Juan Rezzónico (ex member of Del Campo agency and today, Creative Director in Don Buenos Aires) and Mariano Sigal (Head of Art in Brother Buenos Aires and General Creative Director in Estudio 5). Along side a great staff of the most prestigious agencies’ professional creative directos, artists and designers, they will be teaching Creative Workshop, Creative Conceptualization and Art Direction.

Also, special workshops, accelerated programs and lectures will be held throughout the year.

Brother’s annual course guarantees the greatest success: it changes the way you think.

We aren’t the best school just because. We are the best because our students are too.








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