Summer School

One summer – two months – four professors.

Brother’s Summer School is an intensive summer course, open to those students interested in the experience of working in groups with important Argentine creatives: art directors, copywriters, advertising professionals and artists.

The idea of the course is to inspire students and work together as a group on projects at a similar pace to what they’d find in an agency or production studio.

Furthermore, the course gives students the tools and knowledge necessary to figure out briefs and to present ideas to clients with coherence and effective arguments.

More than just an advertising course, we at Brother believe that Summer School is a course about ideas. What is the difference?

Adveritising being finite has its limits; it’s just one more way to express an idea.

On the other hand, ideas are infinite, limitless and with adequate development and necessary work, an idea that began as a good point for a TV commercial can end up becoming a good script for a short film, a movie or a TV show. We believe that ideas come before communications, and in Summer School, after finding those ideas that really move us, we will have to choose the best way for those ideas to come to life, whether it be in advertising, film, art, music or design.

Brother is a Communications school that believes in the relationship between the student’s training as a creative with his or her surroundings. Advertising requires more and more of the essence of the creative. The importance of ideas is becoming more and more essential and will continue being the reason to be a part of this profession. The traditional model for creative schools has been exhausted seeing as students are tired of listening to monologues given by other creatives which only include examples of their work and of classes that don’t lead to anything productive.

This is why we define Brother as a practical school, and when we say practical it’s because we believe theory to be a means of inspiration, and with the exchange of experiences our students will learn to understand the different techniques used to find and conceptualize an idea.

The contents of the program are set up as four days a week, always with a different professor, and include conceptualization, creative copywriting, integrated creativity, a point of view on digital creativity, and art direction. Wherever you come from, Summer School’s proposal is to meet a lot of new people and leave with new tools, experiences knowledge and above all, ideas to be able to develop them further and add them to your portfolio.