Brother Buenos Aires, named Creative School of the Year for the third time, gold winner in the category of Young Professionals in El Ojo de Iberoamérica and also awarded in the category of New Talents with its headquarters in Barcelona, is proud to present “Brother in English”.

Since 2001, Brother Buenos Aires receives annually foreign students from almost every country in Latin America plus students from Spain, Portugal, Russia, Holland, Germany, France, England and the United States, most of then with little knowledge of the Spanish language and wanting to improve it. Today, they make up 70% of the students.

However, we believe that language should not be an impediment if you want to experience studying in the world’s most awarded creative school, living in one of the most creative cities and even working in some of the most creative agencies in the world. Increasingly, creative and advertising professionals come to Buenos Aires in search of inspiration. Our cultural effervescence and unique artistic expressions are compared to those in Paris, New York and London, and advertising has an international competitve level.

Since February 2014, Brother will be the first and only school in Latin America to teach a course totally in English. The course will last two months and have the same syllabus and professors that teach Brother’s most successful courses.

And if you speak Spanish and wish to improve your English, it is a perfect opportunity to learn the vocabulary and proper terms of advertising, having better chances of entering the American, English or Australian market.

Our staff include Federico Díaz (Copywriter in Ogilvy Argentina), Ammiel Fazzari (Head of Art in Del Campo and awarded Best Head of Art of 2013 by CCA) and Cristo Oviedo (Head of Art in Santo). Led by Juan Rezzónico (Buenos Aires’ Academic Director) they all speak English perfectly and their work has been acknowledged thoughout the world.

Classes take place every tuesday, wednesday and thursday from 20:00 to 22:30hs. Quotas are limited and registration is open.

Welcome to Brother Buenos Aires!

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